OASIS Simplified Series

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WellSky’s OASIS Simplified Bundle includes micro-trainings which target the OASIS items providing the highest impact on subsequent care planning, outcomes, and revenue. 

Comprehensive OASIS education is required for optimal agency performance and micro-learning has been shown to help improve learner retention.    

The OASIS Simplified trainings provide added emphasis on the M items which are most influential in calculating outcomes, star ratings, PDGM payment and the TNC scores under HHVBP.  This bundle of courses is an essential resource for simplifying complex OASIS education for the onboarding of new home health clinicians,  and as targeted education for more seasoned clinicians.  

These trainings provide tools in support of your agency’s QAPI initiatives, helping to enhance agency performance and uplift clinician competence, confidence, and engagement. These high value and high impact trainings may be efficiently completed in 10 minutes or less per module.  

Course Breakdown

  • OASIS Simplified - 1810: Upper Body Dressing

  • OASIS Simplified - M0102/M0104: Date of Physician Ordered SOC/ROC & Date of Referral

  • OASIS Simplified - M1028: PAD/PVD and Diabetes

  • OASIS Simplified - M1200: Vision

  • OASIS Simplified - M1242: Frequency of Pain Interfering with Activity or Movement

  • OASIS Simplified - M1340: Presence of a Surgical Wound

  • OASIS Simplified - M1342: Healing Status of Surgical Wound

  • OASIS Simplified - M1400: Dyspnea or Shortness of Breath

  • OASIS Simplified - M1800: Grooming

  • OASIS Simplified - M1820: Lower Body Dressing

  • OASIS Simplified - M1830: Bathing

  • OASIS Simplified - M1840: Toilet Transferring

  • OASIS Simplified - M1845: Toileting Hygiene

  • OASIS Simplified - M1850: Bed Transfers

  • OASIS Simplified - M1860: Ambulation and Wheeled Propulsion

  • OASIS Simplified - M2020: Management of Oral Medications

  • OASIS Simplified - M2030: Management of Injectable Medications

  • OASIS Simplified - M2102f: Supervision and Safety Assistance

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Minimum quantity for "OASIS Simplified Series" is 1.


Topics: OASIS

Skill Level: Beginner