PDGM Part 3: OASIS-D1 and PDGM

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OASIS-D1 and PDGM (September 25, 2019)

The PDGM Functional Impairment Level is based on 8 key OASIS items. Including:

M1800: Grooming

M1810: Current Ability to dress upper body safely

M1820: Current ability to dress lower body safely

M1830: Bathing

M1840: Toilet Transferring

M1850: Transferring

M1860: Ambulation/Locomotion

M1033: Risk for hospitalization

How your staff answer these 8 items could significantly impact your functional score, HHRG calculations, and ultimately your reimbursement.  Never before has it been more imperative that your clinicians know how to accurately assess their patients in the home to ensure they accurately respond to these key items. This educational session explains the importance of OASIS as the foundation of goal directed, patient-centered care planning and best practices for assessing the patient’s functional abilities.


  • Discuss best practice strategies for answering the PDGM OASIS items accurately.
  • Learn how to incorporate the OASIS Walk into the SOC/ROC assessment. 

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