Certified OASIS Quality Specialist Certification Preparatory Course (COQS)

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Contact Hours: 11.0

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WellSky's online OASIS Certification Preparation Course is designed to assist participants in successfully achieving OASIS Certification. Designed for those who already have some knowledge of OASIS, the OASIS Certification Preparation Course is an intermediate - advanced level course focused on the current OASIS data collection rules.

The COQS Preparation Course includes 8 modules. Each module includes a combination of presentation videos, and practice activities. Participants should expect to spend 1-2 hours completing each module. 

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive access to a practice certification exam to test their readiness. Once ready, participants may sign up to complete the COQS or other certification exam on their own schedule.

Note: While we encourage Preparation Course participants to take the exam soon after successful completion of the course, participants may complete the certification exam anytime.

As Senior Compliance Consultant, Anita Werner is widely known as an OASIS expert, instructor, enthusiast, devotee, coach and mentor. She has over 30 years of nursing experience and over 20 in home care. Prior to joining WellSky, she ran a successful consulting practice providing agencies with advisory services, education, clinical direction, audits and reviews in several critical areas. In addition to OASIS, she is also a recognized expert in coding, quality and compliance. A frequent presenter at state and national conferences, she is appreciated far and wide for her ability to make complex concepts and regulations real and understandable.
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The COQS Preparation Course includes 8 modules. Each module includes a combination of presentation videos and practice activities. Participants should expect to spend 1-2 hours completing each module. Instructions will be emailed to participants after purchase. This course awards 11.0 contact hours.
Lesson Plan

Module 1

• Official Sources for CMS Guidance • State OASIS Education Coordinators • State OASIS Automation Coordinators • CMS Home Health Conditions of Participation and the OASIS • Determining when an OASIS is Required • Initial Assessment vs. Comprehensive Assessment • OASIS and Outcome Calculations • Role of Risk Adjustment • Home Health Quality Measures • Outcome Based Quality Improvement (OBQI) • Outcome Based Quality Management (OBQM) • Potentially Avoidable Events • New Quality Measures • OASIS and STAR Ratings • OASIS and Reimbursement Calculation • OASIS and Value Based Purchasing (VBP)

Module 2

• Conventions for OASIS Time Periods • Use of the Dash in OASIS Responses • Collaboration Convention • Data Collection Time Points • SOC Date: M0030 • ROC Date: M0032 • Assessment Completion Date: M0090 • Reason for Assessment: M0100 • Physician Ordered SOC/ROC Date: M0102 • Referral Date: M0104 • Episode Timing: M0110 • Payment Sources: M0150 • Inpatient Facilities: M1000 • Home Health Diagnoses: M1021/M1023

Module 3

• Use of a Dash (-) • Active Diagnoses: M1028 • Therapies Received in the Home: M1030 • Hospitalization Risk: M1033 • Influenza Vaccination: M1041-M1046 • Pneumococcal Vaccination: M1051-M1056 • Height and Weight: M1060 • Living Situation: M1100 • Vision: M1200 • Pain Interfering with Activity: M1242 • Falls Since SOC/ROC: J1800 • Number of Falls Since SOC/ROC: J1900

Module 4

• WOCN and NPUAP Guidance • Pressure Ulcers: M1306-M1324 • Stasis Ulcers: M1330-M1334 • Surgical Wounds: M1340-M1342

Module 5

• Dyspnea: M1400 • Elimination Items: M1600-M1630 • Cognition and Mental Health Items: M1700-M1745 • Prior Functioning: GG0100 • Prior Device Use: GG0110 • Introduction to the GG Self-Care and Mobility Items

Module 6

• The OASIS Walk • Grooming & Oral Hygiene: M1800 and GG0130B • Dressing: M1810-M1820 and GG0130F/G/H • Bathing: M1830 and GG0130E • Toilet Transfers: M1840 and GG0170F • Toileting Hygiene: M1845 and GG0130C

Module 7

• Bed Transfers: M1850 and GG0170A/B/C/D • Chair Transfers: GG0170E • Ambulation /Stairs: M1860 and GG0170i/J/K/L/M/N/O • Wheelchair/Scooter Use: GG0170Q/R/S • Picking Up an Object: GG0170P • Car Transfers: GG0130G • Eating: M1870 and GG0130A

Module 8

• Fall Risk Assessment: M1910 • Drug Regimen Review: M2001 • Medication Follow-Up: M2003 • Medication Intervention: M2005 • High-Risk Drug Education: M2010 • Drug Education Intervention: M2016 • Oral Medication Management: M2020 • Injectable Medication Management: M2030 • Types and Sources of Assistance: M2102 • Therapy Need: M2200
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